Cheapazuracast.xyz  is a DIY project ran by a couple of boring computer freaks with a peculiar interest in computers, IOT, servers and radio systems just like you (most likely). We’ve combined resources for you to make this easy for DIY broadcasters by providing cheap, secure and quality Azuracast streams.

Our servers are available for free and suitable for those who’d want to Try out AzuraCast.  We have a  package for those who’d want to try out Premium AzuraCast. All packages are only available via manual activation. 

As Cheapazuracast.xyz is still Young, orders have to be activated manually by our representative. For enquiries, feel free to Message us on Email.


Azuracast is a free and open-source self hosted web radio management suite that allows broadcasters to manage every aspect of their radio station via a simple yet powerful web interface.

With Azuracast, you can upload media, manage playlists, create local mount points and remote relays, view analytics and reports and much more, all from the convenience of your web browser.

Out of the box, each station includes a public-facing player page that can also be embedded into your own web site. Azuracast’s powerful APIs let you build your own players and interfaces that take advantage of its rich metadata support.

We acknowledge that Azuracast is an open-source product. As such, we highly appreciate the immense work that the developers, led by Buster Neece, put in to ensure this software remains as solid as is it. As such a part of the payments for Azura10 (Premium) Package also go towards Azuracast Donations