Azuracast Vs. Centova Cast. Which is better?

Azuracast and Centova Cast are essentially similar but also very different. To help you understand the two, we did a comparison to aid you make an informed decision on which is better. 

For broadcasters, streamers or Djs, the two platforms perform the same task. That is, they will help you broadcast from whatever software you use to your streaming server. They will also help you upload music from your computer to the cloud server where you can the schedule your music. Anyone who then accesses your stream URL will be able to listen to you. 

Bot platforms take in your broadcast in either Icecast or Shoutcast formats as well as a couple of other platforms. For the average user, both serve the same purpose and work alright. 

1. Cost

Centova cast is not Free. As such, you are required to have a license which is only supported or runs on a single instance of Linux’s CentOs. On the other hand, Azuracast is opensource and thus Free of charge. No license required and can be installed on most Linux versions.

2. Usability

Azuracast Takes it home on this. Azuracast has all the functionalities of Centova Cast with additional extras. For instance, Azuracast allows you to Automate Song Requests, Hybrid Streaming (Both SHOUTcast and Icecast streams concurrently) as well as a smooth bulk upload SFTP functionality.

3. Web Dj

The Web Dj is a web-based application to help you broadcast from your microphone. This functionality is by far the most innovative one in Azuracast. The Web Dj allows you to broadcast live without the need of additional software such as Sam Broadcaster, Radio Dj, or encoder softwares. How convenient is that!

4. HTTPS Stream

The modern browsers (especially Google Chrome) block non-http sources. This was after recent updates to the software where the developers aim to enhance security. Don’t get us wrong. Centova Cast allows for HTTPS streaming and many providers give this feature. Additionally, one may install SSL certificated as explained here. However, this feature is often not easily available across all providers. Installing the SSL Certificates may also not be easy for anyone. Not with Azuracast though!

5. Schedule

The schedule in Centova Cast is just terrible. To understand playlists, you’d have to manually select a playlist to see the play time. In Azuracast, there is a scheduled view, which we think is very critical for any broadcaster. This view provides you with a better view of your week and times each playlist is scheduled.


While this post has not been prepared to bash one product over the other, we highly think Azuracast is way better than Centova Cast. The latter has been an industry winner for a while, which may have made the developers comfortable and barely innovating the software. On the other hand, the fact that Azuracast is open source means that many developers continue to join ship and help improve the software.